Harder Than Blood  Series
by  David Simson

The Harder Than Blood series

by David Simson

Book One


In northern France, Jennifer Turner's husband and three year old son are brutally murdered in front of her.

Was it a random attack?

Or was it planned?

When she is discovered by a lone motorcyclist, the question is:

Why was she left alive?

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Book Two


Having escaped from Australia, the one responsible for the murder of Jennifer Turner’s husband and son has fled to Italy and assumed a respectable identity.

Despite international police forces cooperating to find them, the Australian investigation appears to stall as blackmail and corruption threatens prized reputations, prompting awkward questions to be asked

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Book Three


Jennifer Turner’s search to find the killer of her family leads her to a meeting with one of the perpetrator’s most trusted allies.

An influential and successful businessman , he's lworkng to enhance his public image using two different strategies. One is his partnership with a humanitarian champion boasting impeccable credentials who is making Melbourne the home of her global charity work.

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Book Four


An intricate undercover operation successfully closes in Sydney and leads the Australian police to question a figure with direct knowledge of the contract killer from northern France.

However, the elusive killer plans to adopt a daring new strategy which will raise reasonable doubts as to their true identity.

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