Harder Than Blood  Series
by  David Simson
Jewel Agenda
Jewel Intentions
Jewel Control

Jewel Outcome

by David Simson

Book Four


An intricate undercover operation successfully closes in Sydney and leads the Australian police to question a figure with direct knowledge of the contract killer from northern France.

However, the elusive killer plans to adopt a daring new strategy which will raise reasonable doubts as to their true identity.

The Explosive Finale

And long seen as the victim, the French police find information Jennifer Turner has her own dark secrets closely linked to the 1960's diamond thefts in Western Australia.

Meanwhile, humanitarian champion Olivia Roberts successfully launches her new Foundation committed to global aid. Unfortunately, it is amidst rumours of illicit personal relationships,  blackmail and extortion. Rather than hiding away, she knows her best option is to face those responsible for attempting to damage her impeccable reputation by giving vital evidence against them in a court of law.

Her decision shocks people but it also provokes criminals wth everything to lose taking the law into their own hands to stop her.


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